Added exceptional design challenges:


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Furniture ChallengeWinner Business Plan ChallengeWomens' Fashion ChallengeJournal Challenge
Buy ChallengeLegacy ChallengeProcurement ChallengeStudents' Challenge
User Interface Challenge3D Animations ChallengeArts ChallengeBlack Goods Challenge
Building ChallengeEvent Design ChallengeHotel ChallengeIdea and Form Challenge
Information Technologies ChallengeOrganic Goods ChallengePrototype ChallengeRendering Challenge
Sponsorship ChallengeTalent ChallengeToy ChallengeWhite Goods Challenge
Yellow Machinery ChallengeAchievements ChallengeTextile ChallengeMilan Challenge
Greatest Talents ChallengeChildrens' Products ChallengeTop Design ChallengeChallenge Challenge
Portfolio ChallengeResidency ChallengeArt Installations ChallengeAircrafts Challenge
Information Processing ChallengeColorful Goods ChallengeOutranking Furniture ChallengeExhibition Spaces Challenge
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